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Special PE/PP/PVC catalysts

Youngjin corporation is major supplier of PE/PP/PVC cataylsts.

Main/Sub PE/PP/PVC catalysts which is ​essential for catalytic reaction.





LDPE Anti-caking agent

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CAS No. LDPE Anti-cakin…


Anti-caking agent

There are two types of anti-caking agent---particle type with carrier and powder type with out carrier. The particle type is anti-blocking master-batch which is mainly used in LDPE (Holland DSM process and Basell Pipe Process), LLDPE and other plants. The powder type include magnesium silicate hydrate(Talcum powder), synthetic silica and silicon aluminate. The total production capacity is 5000 tons / year.  

Product grades and index: 

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1.S stands for synthetic SiO2,M stands for 2MgO·3SiO2·5 H2O. 

2.We can produce special grades according to requirements.

Hydrated magnesium silicate (2MgO·3SiO2·5H2O) index:

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