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Special PE/PP/PVC catalysts

Youngjin corporation is major supplier of PE/PP/PVC cataylsts.

Main/Sub PE/PP/PVC catalysts which is ​essential for catalytic reaction.





TH-1L Polyethylene catalysts

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TH-1L Catalyst

TH-1 LA is Ziegler-Natta Ti-Mg series catalyst. It is equivalent to Univation UCAT-J catalyst for Unipol gas phase process which can produce resins with MI of 1.0-20g/10min and density of  0.91~0.96g/cm3.

Product characteristics:

1. Regular catalyst particles, narrow particle size distribution;

2. 15%-20% higher activity than the UCAT-J catalyst  (20000 ~ 28000 kgPE/kgCAT);

3. Better hydrogen sensitivity and same copolymerization performance to the UCAT-J catalyst;

4.Resin powder with good fluidity and high bulk density(DJM-1820 Powder 0.37-0.40g/cm3).

Resin grades and applications:




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